Executive Development and Coaching

Our Executive Development practice operates in close conjunction with our two other practice areas.    

It is clear from our understanding of the impact on shareholder wealth of investing in individual and organisational capability creation, that people should be seen as assets to be developed in the pursuit of customer value and shareholder wealth creation goals – and not as costs that might need to be eliminated in order to meet short-term earnings targets. 

A well-structured executive development program is an important element in building the internal capabilities required to create value for customers and wealth for shareholders on an ongoing basis.  It is even more important if a company choses to pursue these two joint goals in ways that also seek to enhance the wellbeing of the wider community.

In our experience, for a listed company to get the best our of its people and for the people to get the best out of themselves, there needs to be a strong alignment between the values of the company and those of each individual executive.  Ideally, complete congruence would be achieved over time.