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Author: Denis Kilroy, Marvin Schneider, 2 March 2015 Download Full Article

Transforming a listed company into an enduring institution capable of creating wealth for its shareholders on an ongoing basis requires its leadership team to embrace customer value creation and shareholder wealth creation as joint mutually reinforcing objectives. 

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Author: Denis Kilroy, Marvin Schneider, 2 February 2015 Download Full Article

True commercial success for a listed company involves succeeding in both the market for its products and services, and the market for shareholder capital.  Success in the former leads to success in the latter.  But many commentators don’t appreciate that this truth can only be observed through the lens provided by economic performance measures.

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Author: Denis Kilroy, Marvin Schneider, 12 January 2015 Download Full Article

Since the late 1990s, there has been widespread agreement that the fundamental economic objective of every listed company should be to create shareholder wealth. However what was never properly resolved and until now has remained something of a conceptual frontier, is the question of how that wealth should be created and what heed should be paid to the interests of other stakeholder groups along the way. 

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