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Author: Denis Kilroy, Marvin Schneider, 13 May 2018 Download Full Article

Early indications suggest Australia’s ‘Banking Royal Commission’ might be triggering a change in attitude of Australians – not only towards the country’s Banks, but also towards the wider business community.  This shift is reminiscent of what occurred in Europe and the UK in the wake of the GFC and reflects a legitimate expectation that businesses should always act in a manner consistent with the long-term best interest of society. 

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Author: Denis Kilroy, Marvin Schneider, 4 March 2018 Download Full Article

Two important and closely aligned streams of thought are currently gathering momentum in the international business and investment communities, as well as in the political arena in many countries.  The first is the understanding that being in business is an opportunity to serve society – not an opportunity to exploit it.  The second is the realisation that a strong focus on serving society is an essential ingredient in long-term business success.  In this edition of KBA Insights, we look closely at both ideas and explain why both are so important.

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Author: Denis Kilroy, Marvin Schneider, 7 December 2017 Download Full Article

The last two editions of KBA Insights drew on the results of a Monte Carlo Simulation to demonstrate the lottery-like nature of LTI Plans that vest based on ranked relative TSR.

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Author: 5 November 2017 Download Full Article

Last month, we highlighted how the power inadvertently ceded to proxy advisors through the introduction of the Two Strikes Rule, had helped drive the adoption of an approach to LTI Plan design that was likely to be inconsistent with the long-term best interests of listed companies and their many stakeholders. 

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