KBA was established in 1994 with the intention to help listed company boards and executive teams to build institutions that were capable of creating value for their customers and wealth for their shareholders on an ongoing basis.

It was also our intention from the outset to try to work with more forward thinking business leaders to help them to pursue these two joint and mutually reinforcing goals in ways that at minimum preserved, and wherever possible enhanced, the wellbeing of employees, the wider community and the environment.

Yet for much of the firm’s existence, the offer we communicated to the market was centred almost entirely on helping companies enhance shareholder wealth. This was a conscious decision on our part because shareholder wealth creation was the dominant concern of listed company boards and executive teams for much of the past 20 years. However, those companies that chose to work with us soon found that our approach always involved focusing on both customer value and shareholder wealth – and seeking to build the capability to do so on an ongoing basis. Some clients were also exposed to our thinking in relation to the notion of creating real as distinct from artificial value for customers, as a means through which to begin to incorporate an explicit focus on enhancing community wellbeing.

It was only once the ESG movement was well established, and after calls for an end to “shareholder primacy” began to emerge in the wake of the GFC, that KBA decided to present its credo in full – by publishing a series of three books that together posit a new and more socially responsible business paradigm. These books are:

  • Customer Value, Shareholder Wealth, Community Wellbeing – Constructing a company that creates value for its customers and builds wealth for its shareholders while at the same time enhancing community wellbeing

  • Noble Intent, Clear Purpose, Better Leader – Guiding leadership teams in perhaps their most fundamental choice, whether to consider their business an opportunity to serve society, or an opportunity exploit it

  • Business Prosperity, Social Equity, Environment Stability – Shaping a regulatory environment that encourages the business community to create customer value, build shareholder wealth and enhance community wellbeing

The first book in the series, Customer Value, Shareholder Wealth, Community Wellbeing , was released in the second half of 2017. The other two books in the series will be released over the next two years.

Denis Kilroy Mark Jankelson John Matthews Marvin Schneider