Customer Value, Shareholder Wealth, Community Wellbeing

A Roadmap for Companies and Investors.

With forewords by
Brian Hartzer, Chief Executive Officer, Westpac Group, and
Filip Gregor, Leader of the Purpose of the Corporation Project.

Aligning the Interests of Business and Society

Why no company can meet its true economic obligation to its shareholders unless it enhances the wellbeing of all its stakeholders

KBA is an innovative consulting firm that helps business leaders build enduring institutions that prosper well beyond their own tenure as leaders

By creating value for customers and wealth for shareholders on an ongoing basis, and

By doing both in ways that enhance the wellbeing of all legitimate stakeholders - including the wider community and the environment.

Our Latest Thinking

The first in a series of three books.

This book provides a roadmap for listed company leadership teams setting out to construct companies that create real or authentic value for customers; build significant wealth for shareholders; and do both in ways that quite deliberately set out to enhance the wellbeing of employees, the wider community and the environment.

Customer Value, Shareholder Wealth, Community Wellbeing

Articulating the case against short-termism

This presentation lays out a comprehensive argument as to why it is so important, from both an economic and a social perspective, for the leaders of listed companies to focus more on long-term value creation than on short-term financial performance outcomes.

Business Leaders Seminar
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What is the real challenge?

The real challenge is not and has never been just to create shareholder wealth.

Stakeholders are allies not adversaries

Stakeholders are allies in creating long term value – not adversaries in the pursuit of short-term profits.

The Economic Profit Bow Wave

The Bow Wave of Expected EP provides a bridge between product and capital market performance.